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Episode 2 will come in Mar 14, 2018 - today
1 Episode 1
Wednesday Mar 07, 2018
Five Australians on a sailing holiday come across a fishing boat full of desperate asylum seekers. Deciding to help, they tow the boat, but in the middle of the night, it disappears. Years later, one of the Australians, Ryan, steps into a taxi driven by one of the refugees, Ismail. Overjoyed to learn the refugees reached Australia, he invites Ismail and his family to a barbeque — reuniting everyone. It's there that Ryan and the others learn the truth — someone cut the rope between the two boats and, as a result, the fishing boat sank and seven people died, including Ismail's nine-year-old daughter. Old secrets come to light, relationships are shattered and lives are put in danger.
2 Episode 2
Wednesday Mar 14, 2018
Ismail, grieving the loss of his daughter, reports the crime at sea to the Australian Federal police and the Australians are investigated. Secrets start to come to the surface and Ismail turns his suspicions closer to home.
3 Episode 3
Wednesday Mar 21, 2018
The Australians are found to have no case to answer but cannot feel relieved, as they continue to struggle with all of the after-effects. Ismail seeks revenge, which backfires, and the truth comes out.
4 Episode 4
Wednesday Mar 28, 2018
The truth leads to a life in danger, as Ismail - blinded by grief - tries to get retribution, leading to a final confrontation and the possibility of new beginnings. The crisis brings Olivia and Damien back into the fold of the family, and they put their own hurts behind them to act as support. Helen, feeling helpless, offers to represent Bilal in court - he reluctantly agrees.

Safe Harbour

IMDb 7.1 240 min/episode
A psychological thriller set in Brisbane set around a group of friends whose sailing holiday to Indonesia alters their lives forever after they come across a boat overloaded with asylum seekers.
Ewen Leslie, Phoebe Tonkin, Leeanna Walsman, Jacqueline McKenzie, Joel Jackson, Nicole Chamoun, Robert Rabiah, Hazem Shammas
Belinda Chayko,Phil Enchelmaier,Simon Kennedy
9.0 / 1 times
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